Aviation Law

Aviation Law Facts
If an aviation accident has affected you or the life of a relative, the right legal expert can help you sort through your concerns. Should you hire an attorney, LawCapital is here to provide you with the financial resources you need during the sometimes lengthy litigation process.

Aviation law is divided into more specific categories, […]

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Auto Accidents – Lawsuits

Auto Accidents Facts
If you have been injured in an automobile accident, or have a loved one who was injured or killed as the result of an automobile accident, you may want to seek legal counsel. If you hire an attorney, LawCapital can consider providing you with access to the funds you need before your case […]

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Verdicts Facts
If your lawsuit resulted in a favorable verdict, but you are still awaiting distribution of your award, contact LawCapital today. LawCapital is here to provide access to funds you urgently need while you await the disbursement of your award.

After a lawsuit verdict, the plaintiff does not necessarily get paid immediately. In fact, it can take weeks, […]

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Appeals Facts
The appeals process can be lengthy and overwhelming. If you and your attorney are pursuing an appeal, let LawCapital carry you through the litigation process with pre-settlement financing. We’ll consider giving you access to the funds that you need before your case is resolved.

After a lawsuit verdict, the plaintiff does not necessarily get paid immediately. […]

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Personal Injury Lawsuits

Personal Injury Facts
If you or an acquaintance has been seriously injured, the right attorney can help you sort through the legal implications of your situation. If you proceed with a case, let LawCapital help carry you through the financial gap between the start and settlement of your claim. Personal injury is often more than a […]

Lawsuit Funding Companies

How Many Lawsuit Funding Companies Should I Apply To?
Jun 07, 2010
Why Apply to Lawsuit Funding Companies
If you had the ability to ask someone twenty years ago about the concept of lawsuit funding, it’s distinctly possible they’d have little idea what you were talking about. These days, though, the concept is a bit more prominent, and […]

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Attorney Settled Case Funding

Attorney Settled Case Funding
Jun 07, 2010There’s a reason why shows like CSI and Law & Order are so popular. These shows sensationalize the legal system. They make law seem like an enjoyable, rewarding career, and they highlight the highly technical aspects of many of the careers within the legal system. Any person who is involved in the legal profession, […]

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Wrongful Imprisonment Case Funding

Wrongful Imprisonment Case Funding
Jun 07, 2010
Wrongful Imprisonment Case Funding
We’re raised to believe that the phrase “innocent until proven guilty” is an accurate one, but sadly, it’s simply not always true. Far too often people are accused of doing something that they didn’t do, and many times they’re not only accused of committing a crime, but […]

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Lawsuit Funding

Should Rates Be The Most ImportantConsideration with Lawsuit Funding?
Jun 07, 2010It seems like the number of lawsuits is going up. Why is that? There are a number of reasons, but it’s not really possible to know why, for sure, there are more lawsuits happening now than ever before. Fortunately, however, it is easy to see […]

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Dog Bite

Dog Bite Injuries – Is a Lawsuit Right For You?
Jun 07, 2010
Dogs can be wonderful companions. Unlike cats or most other pets, you can take them for long walks, play with them indoors or out, and spend quality time with them in a way that makes other kinds of pets pale in comparison. When raised […]

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